You Touch it, You Bring it up to Code

My wife wanted some “minor” changes done to our home. Move a wall here, and add a walk-in closet there. Happy wife, happy life. I took on the challenge. I learned that remodeling a house is similar to developing a product. I want to apply the concept of “you touch it, you bring it up to code” to my life as a UX Designer.

While submitting the plans to the building department, I learned that the rooms had to be brought up to code. For example, there must be at least one electrical outlet per wall. Apparently people have more electric devices now than 40 years ago. These little things reminded me of scope creep at work. The changes required more time, man hours, and resources. Though costly, the changes make the home a better place.

As a UX Designer, I get to “remodel” parts of Marketo’s platform. Some of the areas are older than others. We have new design patterns and styles. I want to use the concept of “you touch it, you bring it up to code” on my projects. This incurs extra costs. Especially when the remodeling calls for a simple change, like changing a button or text. It’s worth it. It pays long term with better UX.

I enjoy working with engineers, PMs, and UX Designers that embrace the concept of “you touch it, you bring it up to code”.

I guess this is a new year’s resolution. 2015 looks promising!

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