Vibram Five Fingers Shoes KSO Review

The Vibram Five Fingers Shoes are simply awesome. Using them has changed the way I feel about walking. Ever since then I truly enjoy walking more. It is as thought my feet knees and legs were finally being used correctly.

Walking on Vibram Five Finger Shoes

Walking is comfortable and enjoyable. I’ve worn the VFFs for a full day without any issues, except the odd looks that people give. That said, there has been plenty of strangers ask about the VFFs and where they can be found. If you are in the bay area there are a few stores that carry them, including some in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Okland. Be sure visit a store to size your feet correctly. The Vibram Five Finger website has a store locator. Be sure to call the stores ahead of time to check if they have the shoes in stock.

Running on the Vibram Five Finger Shoes (KSO)

These shoes take a bit of time to get use to. Be sure to start running on grass and keep it below a mile at first. I can see how one can get injured if one is not used to these type of shoes.  The thing that kept me from running was a pain I would develop in the knees after a mile or so. Ever since using the VFFs I have yet to experience the pain and have learned to enjoy walking. My feet knees and legs feel as if they have been used correctly for the first time ever.

If you have not used the the Vibram Five Finger you are missing out.

Vibram Fiver Fingers KSO

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