Running Microsoft Office 2007 on Fedora 10.

This guide walks through installing Microsoft Office 2007 on Fedora Core 9 using wine and a few commands. It is now simple enough to get MS Office 2007 in Linux by following a few steps.


  • Internet connection
  • Fedora Core10
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (no need for a DVD, the files in a folder should suffice).

Step 1: Installing wine

starting from the gnome panel:

  1. Click on Applications -> System tools ->  terminal
  2. In the terminal type “su –“ and enter root’s password when prompted
  3. Type “yum install wine”
  4. Type “yes” when prompted
  5. This will install multiple packages
  6. Type “exit” on the terminal to exit from root’s account

Step 2: Installing  Microsoft Office 2007 on Fedora Core10

From a terminal:

  1. Type “cd /media/MSOFFICE2007” where MSOFFICE2007 is the location of your MS Office DVD or directory containing the office files.
  2. Type “wine setup.exe” and go through the setup process.

Last configuration steps to get MS Office 2007 working on Linux

No overrides are needed to install Office 2007 in 1.1.3 or later see here

  1. Type “winecfg” as regular user in the terminal
  2. Click on the “Libraries” tab

Add the following overrides

  1. Riched20 (native)
  2. Usp10 (native,builtin)

Microsoft Office 2007 applications should be available through the gnome-panel under wine -> Programs -> Microsoft Office

That’s all it takes to install MSO 2007 in Fedora Core.

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