The UX of Learning from Rebukes

Better is open rebuke than hidden love.

As a UX Designer, I have to present my designs to many people. From peers to the CEO of the company. This can be a tough process. It’s like someone commenting on how you raise your kids.  This was especially difficult as a new UX Designer. I’m blessed to work with people that are direct. It challenges to be a better designer. Sometimes a rebuke is better than a critique.

Here’s my initial design of a “dashboard”.


Here’s the final one after going through a gauntlet of critiques and a rebuke.


Pride is a disease that can blind a UX Designer. Criticism, critiques and rebukes are the medicine.

Using Charts to Understand the New Testament Authors

Context is important. Understanding the the background of an author helps to understand his writings. Christians easily forget the Jewish background of the New Testament writers.  Most of it was written by Jewish authors. A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s two of them.


Luke, in blue, wrote two of the books: The Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts. Paul did most of the heavy lifting, followed by John.Books Of The New Testament by Author

In conclusion, one can see the Jewish roots of Christianity by looking at the number of Jewish authors of the New Testament.



Visualizing the Parables of Jesus

I spent time studying the parables of Jesus and wanted to visualize them. Here is what they look like using three different diagrams.

Mind Map

Mind Maps are used to describe a thing or idea in categories.



Pie Chart

Pie charts show how categories represent part of the whole. A donut chart serves the same purpose, but have less calories.


Parables Pie


Column Chart

Column charts show data changes over time.



Using the diagrams, one can observe two things. First, He spoke most of the parables towards the end of His earthly life. Second, He spoke them in Judea, the religious center of Israel.