Eee PC 1005HAB Recovery from USB Flash Drive

So you want to restore a Eee PC 1005 HAB to factory default but don’t have an external DVD-Drive. Well, if you have 2 hours of spare time and a “can do” attitude read on. There is even some videos included in this how-to.

First Things First

Here is checklist of things that you will need on before moving forward.

  • 1005HA XP Support DVD
  • A 4GB USB Flash drive or bigger
  • 7-Zip (download and install)
  • PetoUSB
  • 120 free minutes

This was done using a 32-bit version of Windows Vista but should work in XP as well. Continue at your own risk, the steps outlined below worked for me.

Preparing the USB Drive with the EEPC 1005HAB Recovery Data

The following steps will prepare the USB drive with all necessary recovery files.

1. Download and install 7-Zip

2. Create a folder on your desktop called “WINPE”

3. Insert the 1005HA XP Support DVD into the DVD drive

4. Click on the Windows Vista Menu -> computer -> right click on the DVD drive and select “open”

5. Right click on the WINPE.ISO file -> 7 zip -> Extract files -> Select the “WINPE” folder on the desktop-> Click OK

6. Click on the “WINPE” folder in the desktop -> i386 folder -> SYSTEM32 folder -> double click “WINPESHL.INI”

7. Change




and save

8. Connect the USB Flash drive to your computer


The next steps will destroy all data in the USB Flash drive.

8. Download and Extract PetoUSB to the Desktop

9. Double Click on the new PetoUSB folder on the desktop -> right click on “PeToUSB” and select “Run as administrator”

Select the flash drive in the new window, check “Enable Disk Format”, select the WINPE folder on the desktop, and check “Enable file copy”. Click on “start”. This will take about 20 minutes, good time to get coffee or water, read news or the Word.

10. Click on the Windows Vista Menu -> computer -> right click on the DVD drive and select “open” -> Recovery  folder -> copy “EEPC-ENG.gho” to the USB Flash Drive. This is going to take a while. Feel free to take another break perhaps update your twitter status or what not.

11.  Reformatting your USB Drive

PetoUSB formatted the USB drive to FAT and we need it to be NTFS.  Here is how to do it:

windows command prompt -> convert x:/fs:ntfs

where x is your flash drive letter

Recovery process for the Eee PC 1005HAB

1. Insert the Flash drive into the Eee PC 1005HAB netbook

2.  Disable the BootBooster by holding the F2 key on boot and entering the BIOS setup utility -> Boot tab -> Boot Booster -> Disable -> F10 to save and exit (this will restart the netbook) -> Press the ESC key while booting -> select the USB Flash Drive from the menu option

The recovery system will start at this point followed by Symantec Ghost

3.  Once Ghost starts -> click on “OK” -> local -> Disk -> From Image (last option) -> Browse for “EEPC-ENG.gho”

4.  Select the destination, typically it is the first one (Drive 1)

5. Done! Well, almost now you have to way for the recovery system to finish. Be sure to run windows updates upon completion.

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  1. Hi Atanasio, I’m installing Windows 7 ultimate on my 1005HAB and I thought it was really easy, instead I didn’t succeed in booting from my usb pen drive, and I tried every trick or program I found. Then I found you r page and simply by disabling the boot booster I did it, that was the only problem.

    I really thank you a lot, it would have been real better to find first your page

  2. Hello Francesco,
    I know what you mean about thinking it was easy and then not finding the correct resources. It took me 5 hours of research and trial and error before a successful recovery. This is why this article was created, to make it easy and simple; hence the videos.

    Good to know that you were able to install Windows 7 Ultimate.

  3. You can do it an easier way yet…
    format the USB drive this way…
    then take the contents of WINPE on you extracted to the desktop and drag and drop the files to the usb drive. remember to safely remove hardware or eject, depending on what OS you’re running. That should save you a half hour of headaches.

  4. Thank you for your post – I made it all the way through . . . but when I restarted, Windows still won’t start. Any suggestions???

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